mirror, mirror on the wall

Posted: March 28, 2007 in aberatii, cand lumea din jurul tau doare, exercitii de imaginatie

     imagine a world like the one outside your window where people live in plastic bubbles, through which they can’t hear, or really speak to someone…some of them have wires and plugs to connect to others, some don’t or don’t know how to really use them. Imagine a world where the sun is grey and the words you mumble are only heard by you and sometimes not even… a world where everyone is like an old and tired mime that does his tricks on the street without being noticed by anyone.       

      Try to scream in this “perfect” world… you can’t! try to yell so loud to break the bubble… you can’t! try to really connect to someone and you will find that even if they hear you they can’t or are not willing to understand you… try to fall in love and you will fail!

      “I’m gonna buy and gun, gonna shoot everything and everyone” (Travis)…well not quite… but I’m gonna buy a mirror to have someone answering me when I have something to say…


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