Posted: December 24, 2006 in cand lumea din jurul tau doare

why do people tend to shit on your parade??? no, you didn’t read wrong, it’s not the classic “rain on my parade”…noooo,it’s the new shit! (it comes in a pack, never alone, with a surprise of “double or nothing”, wrapped beautifully, batteries not included…:| )

why does this day has to be as bad as every other one this week?
why can’t people that hate their life so bad that they can’t stand not to hurt themselves, live alone, isolate themselves to hurt just themselves??? probably it’s fun, it’s their way of enjoying a perfect christmas…
why do people get so stuck one on each other that they can’t find the way of letting each other go, even when they’re not happy together?

with the hope of a better christmas next year…:(

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